Drum Lessons with Phil

One-to-one lessons with Phil (mainly in London, but periodically in other parts of the UK), for intermediate to advanced players only, covering groove playing, beat placement, time & motion, rudiments, sound, recording approach & creating parts. Phil isn't available for regular lessons, teaching only two or three days a month, so periodic conversations are the vibe.

£50 per hour


Alex is available to teach those who are looking for regular lessons in London. All ages and levels welcome. Alex covers the fundamental elements of drumming in a step by step approach working from the simple to the complex. Covering a wide range of styles (pop, rock, hip-hop, samba, Jazz and more), rudiments, technique & drum notation. Alex is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and he works regularly with drummers who are interested in applying the technique to their playing. More info on his website -drumlessonsgreenwich.com

£40 per hour


Phil is also available for one to one conversations  about songwriting, lyrics and general music making either in person or on Skype again on a periodic but not regular basis. Email for more info. 

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